Download a truly epic mix of cover songs by local artists

The people I follow on Twitter put up the coolest stuff. Videos, links, songs — many of which I swipe and place here for your enjoyment. This is another one of those cases.

A gentleman whose legal name I won’t print for fear of getting him into ASCAP/RIAA trouble posted a two disc mix to Last.FM of local artists doing covers. In some cases, it’s local artists covering local artists (the Minus Story doing Drakkar Sauna, Ultimate Fakebook and Ruskbank doing Truck Stop Love), but it’s also material like the Dead Girls covering Big Star, and Super Black Market taking on the Misfits. The mix is entitled “AN AUDIO HISTORY OF INFLUENCE MIXTAPE 04-13-10,” and the tracklisting, download link, and commentary can be found right here.

Home page image via Flickr: AndYaDontStop

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