Down the hatch: The good, the bad and the Grass Jelly

While at the 888 International Market this weekend, I was tempted by an array of beverage flavors in aluminum cans. I grabbed three at 79 cents a pop, in order to find out whether I was missing anything or it’s best to stick with cherry or vanilla syrup as the way to spice up a soda.

Yeo’s Lychee Drink promises two things: that it’s “an authentic Asian drink,” and has “2.5% juice.” The color was a translucent straw or light-tan and when it was poured, it was clearly not carbonated.

The taste was distinctly lychee — sweet up front and then a cool, almost watery finish. The drink was closer to juice than soda; it tasted as of lychees had been squished into a can. The quick burst of sweetness immediately made me think this would be great in a cocktail as a replacement for orange or grapefruit juice. I’d like to see what Ryan Maybee could do with it.

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