Dots at the Dot


For three years, Doug Bates has blurred the lines between work and home, turning his downtown loft into the popular Dot Gallery (1517 Oak, 816-283-1213). In Art and Design, the gallery’s latest exhibition, Bates displays 25 of his own paintings and 25 by fellow Kansas City painter Christopher Jackson. Bates says his paintings are “obsessive-compulsive tendencies manifested on paper,” and his self-styled pointillist technique uses oils or pastels to place points on canvas and paper, mapping out large landscapes. Jackson’s are the same, except without the points. He calls himself an impressionist, using larger swaths of color, à la Claude Monet.
The paintings are hung within Bates’ two 3,500-square-foot lofts, luxurious and craftily decorated by Bates himself to make up the design portion of the show. Strolls around the lofts will be made even more pleasant by the musical contribution of soft-jazz group the Sweetness. The show starts tonight at 5:30 and lasts until 10.