Doris Henson

The main problem with indie rock today is its lack of surprises. Too many bands settle on one style and run it into the ground, creating cohesive, if homogenous, records. A willingness to diversify elevates Give Me All Your Money, the second album from Kansas City’s own Doris Henson. In fact, the disc transcends labels or classification: The trumpet-laden “Pollen Tom” is reminiscent of R.E.M.’s strident 1987 song “Finest Worksong,” and Money‘s über-modern next track, “The Most,” possesses a high-kicking backbeat ideal for asymmetrical haircuts and Interpol after parties. Other tunes conjure Sloan’s whirling power-pop fuzz bombs, lo-fi slacker rock of the 1990s and even the tranquil tones of spaced-out stoner rockers. Yet these disparate textures somehow fit together with the ease of a jigsaw puzzle, creating an album that holds interest over repeated spins.

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