Looping, arching, jumping, and swirling in a ballet of aquatic communication, the graceful dolphin, the world’s second smartest animal (?), is the focus of the latest IMAX offering at the Kansas City Zoo. Producer/director Greg MacGillivray (Everest) captures some breathtaking shots, both aerial and underwater, of our seagoing cousins off the coasts of the Bahamas and Patagonia. The 40-minute film concentrates on the efforts of two scientists, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski and Dean Bernal, to better understand dolphin intelligence and communication skills. MacGillivray puts the IMAX format to good use, and the music by Sting and Steve Wood sets the right mood for Pierce Brosnan’s laid-back narration. (The superior sound system at the zoo is also used to excellent effect here.) Younger children will probably be coaxed gently to sleep by the whole affair, but adults will be intrigued as the scientists discover more and more about the nature of these remarkable creatures. Bernal’s emotional bond with a lone dolphin named JoJo makes for a fascinating subplot. (N/R) Rating: 7

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