Does the Harlequin Romance Unicorn Vengeance boast the worst sentence ever published in English? Mayhap!


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Unicorn Vengeance

Author: Claire Delacroix

Date: 1995

Publisher: Harlequin Historical, because unicorns are historical

Discovered at: Salvation Army

The Cover Promises: “The Stirring Conclusion to the Unicorn Trilogy.” Also, true passion means not caring if your lovemaking smashes your lute or sets your hair on fire.

Representative Quotes:

“Aye, this night Wolfram would know the fullness of mating.” (page 226)

This then was what lovemaking was about? Indeed, Genevieve was quite surprised. No fool was she, for livestock had her family always kept, but this was a revelation.” (page 177)

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