Do you think you can taste ‘love’ in the food?

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  • Can love really change the taste of food?

Chefs have made entire careers out of saying “love” is the secret ingredient in their food. For recent examples, see Carla Hall and Art Smith. Noted food writer Michael Ruhlman recently visited Animal in Los Angeles and, in his attempt to codify his dining experience to his server, said this about chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook:

“What those guys in the kitchen are doing is about more than just food,” I said. “They’re doing what they love, it’s so obvious, so clear in the food. I wish everyone worked that way.”

There’s a pervasive belief that if chefs put love in the food, it goes from ethereal to tangible at the moment your meal crosses your taste buds. Do you think you can taste “love” in the food? (And while I’m sad to have to write this, kindly keep it above the belt in the comments.)

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