DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

Since the end of Kevin Bacon’s glory days, white kids have been trying to come to grips with their inability to dance. Now they don’t have to. DJ Shadow and Jurassic 5’s Cut Chemist manage beats that are somewhat undanceable but irresistible to head nodders and fist pumpers alike. Product Placement is an infusion of funk, soul and hip-hop that spans six of the pair’s eight shows on a 1999 world tour and intertwines performances seamlessly throughout. The video footage assures us that Shadow and Chemist’s show is more intricate than it sounds and that big, poofy chef hats are funny. But once those two things are established, the DVD becomes a snooze. Sure, these guys slice and dice a lot of records that are hard to find, but where are the tricks? Where’s the flair? Where are the B-boys getting served? Maybe if J5 cronies such as DJ Numark and Chali 2na passed out milk and cookies to the crowd, we could yell “hip-hop hooray!” for good clean fun. Fortunately, Product Placement also comes as a CD with the same hourlong set.

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