In one classic hip-hop cut, Black Sheep rapped, You can get with this, or you can get with that. But when DJ P works the wheels of steel, listeners don’t have to make a choice. They can get Metallica and Slick Rick, Kansas and Run D.M.C., Black Sheep and Kiss. Springfield, Missouri, native P collaborated with DJ Z-Trip on Uneasy Listening, a beat-matching masterpiece. His solo work includes the Hell on Wheels series, on which he decorates breakbeats with horror-movie samples and eerie melodies. A complete entertainer, P also break dances (his version of the worm makes him look spineless in the best possible way) and discards spent records by tossing them over his shoulder with disdainful flair, as though superstitiously flinging salt. P takes mix requests on his Web site, and he might accept a challenge (Golden Earring meets Public Enemy?) onstage if he has the necessary vinyl in his bulging crates.

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