One of the funniest segments on this two-disc set comes in the form of old hand-held camera footage showing Dismember lead singer Matti Karki chastising an audience member for pogoing. “Hey!” he shouts. “At a death metal concert you bang your head! At punk shows you can pogo!” Death metal bands can all too easily seem like they’re kicking a dead horse, especially with acts such as Dismember, which has always insisted on not evolving (unlike the band’s fellow Swedes and friends in Entombed). So it’s a welcome surprise to see in retrospect how much Dismember had to offer. And still does, apparently — the 2003 show on the first disc of this set shows the band in top form, exuding undeniable energy. Against the odds, the bootleg stuff that fills the second disc works just as well, with sound just adequate enough to highlight the band’s remarkable sense of interplay. Throughout, the band is tight and engaging, with admitted “fat man” Karki maintaining his distinctive voice. The guy who interviews three longtime members asks terrible, obsequious questions, and, as usual, the band members say nothing enlightening about what compels them to write about violence, but seeing the answers poorly translated from Swedish into British English only adds charm to an already winning program.

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