Dish & Drink KC: Westport International Food Week at Brix and comfort food at Jadabay’s Tasty Kitchen

Latin Alfredo At Brix

Latin Alfredo at Brix. // Photo by Lauren Textor

Celebrate Westport International Food Week at Brix

The owner of Cancun Fiesta Fresh, locally famous for its drive-thru frozen margaritas, opened Brix in 2022. 

Brix has a decidedly different vibe from its sister restaurant. 

It’s trendier. It has exposed brick walls and a polished wooden bar. Even when it’s not busy, it has a club-like atmosphere, as if it’s only waiting to be filled with dancing, scantily-clad bodies. It also serves Latin American cuisine as opposed to Mexican. In contrast to Cancun, Brix serves a limited food menu with a more varied selection of alcohol. 

Calamari At Brix

Calamari at Brix. // Photo by Lauren Textor

During the first Westport International Food Week from April 23-29, Brix’s menu will consist of five items: the Aguachile de Sonora, Enchiladas Rojas, Quesa-Birria Tacos, Latin Alfredo Pasta, and Lomo Saltado. 

The Latin Alfredo Pasta is a simple, vegetable-heavy dish. The sauce is simple but with enough garlic to keep it from being bland. Squash, zucchini, and carrots add texture to an otherwise basic pasta. It’s a significant portion, but at $18 the flavor is good but not great, especially as it normally costs an additional $8 to add shrimp, $10 to add chicken, and $12 to add steak. Still, this is a solid choice for the picky eater. 

If you happen to miss out on food week, then at least you’re free to explore the rest of the menu. Calamari may not be the first dish you think of in association with Latin food, but it has earned its place. These succulent rings of squid are served in a pan on a thin layer of roasted pepper sauce and parmesan. 

Brix is located at 4112 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111.

Chicken Philly From Jadabay S Tasty Kitchen

Chicken Philly from Jadabay’s Tasty Kitchen. // Photo by Lauren Textor

Jadabay’s Tasty Kitchen is soul food to the max

If you’re craving some more classic comfort food, track down Jadabay’s Tasty Kitchen. Your friendly neighborhood food truck is stocked with well-seasoned meals including boneless wings, cheeseburgers, taco salad, and chicken fried rice. 

The Chicken Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is mouthwatering. The soft bun is stuffed with grilled mushrooms, onions, peppers, and—of course—juicy strips of chicken. It’s served with a side of crispy fries. Best of all, it’s topped (but not smothered) in melted cheese, which preserves the dryness of the bun and allows you to walk away feeling comparatively healthy. 

Don’t let the Bitmoji logo deter you. Food trucks aren’t known for their ambiance, anyway, and what Jadabay’s lacks in marketing skills, it makes up for in the quality of food and customer service. 

The food truck’s schedule is available on Facebook at Jadaybay’s Tasty Kitchen LLC.

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