Dish & Drink KC: Sourdough donuts at Slow Rise, Indian fusion in the Iron District

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Slow Rise sourdough donuts. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Slow Rise’s sourdough donuts

Keep an eye out for the donut pop-up Slow Rise, now appearing around the metro at places like Blip Roasters, Bella Patina, and Post Coffee Company. You’ll be able to find the donut vendor booth by the insanely long line that is sure to be wrapped around the corner or whatever building owner Jessica Dunkel is selling out of. 

These sourdough donuts come in various decadent flavors like cinnamon, pandan coconut, Bavarian cream, strawberry fruity pebbles, and espresso—each gently tossed in a coat of sugar. The rare savory-filled donut, the Everything Donut, is stuffed with sweet cream cheese and tossed with an everything bagel seasoning. The insanely fluffy and soft treats not only impress with their delicate texture and adorable garnishes but have a tangy dough that contrasts beautifully with whatever they are filled with. 

For those who feel the donuts are too pretty to eat, the owner herself would tell you to dig into them as soon as possible. She wakes up in the early hours of the night to begin the frying process, so the donuts are freshly made just hours before you pick them up from her booth. You’ll want to watch on Instagram for Slow Rise’s next pop-up so you can show up early and snag some before they’re gone. 

Follow Slow Rise for info on upcoming pop-ups and events.

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Elephant Wings Indian fusion. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Elephant Wings Indian fusion

The Iron District officially opens next week for its 2023 season featuring some vendors that you’ve seen before in the outdoor space, like Taco Tank, and others that are making their appearance for the first time. Elephant Wings, a new vendor specializing in Indian fusion, can be found in their bright yellow container painted with a mandala. 

Elephant Wings’ menu blends the owner’s Indian heritage with iconic worldly dishes like the flavorful tikka masala poutine (the fries, when left to mingle with the spiced sauce, are wildly delicious) and an inspired Bahn-mi sandwich—a baguette filled with cumin chicken, coriander chutney, pickled cucumber, shredded carrots, jalapeños, and cilantro, and all drizzled with a curried aioli. 

For something sweet, indulge in the mango kulfi, an Indian ice cream with cardamom, saffron, and pistachios, or the iced masala chai to sip on. Iron District features not only food but also boutiques and a full bar. It’s the ideal outdoor space to hang out as warmer days await.

Elephant Wings is located in the Iron District at 1599 Iron St., Kansas City, MO 64116. The season begins March 11.

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