Dish & Drink KC: Outpost Social Club and Parisi Coffee

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Biscuits and gravy at Outpost Social Club. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Outpost Social Club

Tucked away along Southwest Boulevard is your new favorite breakfast and lunch spot, Outpost Social Club. The unassuming breakfast joint is quaint and easygoing with a full cocktail bar, tons of greenery, and a menu full of your usual breakfast and lunch suspects. All of them are house-made and incredibly delicious. 

When it comes to the biscuits and gravy, the large biscuits are flaky and buttery but stand out with their egg-washed tops sprinkled with a bit of finishing salt, making for a subtle pie crust flavor. The hash browns are the ideal combination of crispy and soft and are seasoned to perfection. 

The coffee bar is simplistic with espresso-based beverages, but craft cocktails are also available such as bloody marys and mimosas. 

The lunch menu consists of fries with chipotle aioli, a smash burger with the option to add a fried egg, and white pizzas topped with roasted garlic, mushrooms, and provolone. 

Outpost Social Club is located at 1000 W 25th St. B, Kansas City, MO 64108.

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Avocado toast and coffee at Parisi. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Parisi Coffee

Parisi Coffee’s Overland Park location is a swanky gem where you can enjoy crafts Italian coffee, or, as the company’s slogan claims—”art from the cup.” The sophisticated atmosphere is paired with high-quality brews that are elevated with simple touches. For example, their espresso plate is served with shards of rich dark chocolate. 

The cold brew shandy is a unique menu offering that incorporates cold brew and vanilla into lemonade. The result is a bright and caffeinated tea-like beverage.

The food menu is simple, with items such as breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Their avocado toast is a must-have, layered first with goat cheese, then smeared with creamy avocado and topped with a drizzle of crunchy chili oil and a bed of arugula. The flavors and textures of the toast are perfectly emphasized with a sprinkle of salt. The common breakfast food succeeds in simplicity and makes for a great elevated coffee shop snack. 

Parisi Coffee is located at 7261 W 80th St., Overland Park, KS 66204. They are open Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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