Dish & Drink KC: Halal treats to celebrate the end of Ramadan at Baba’s Pantry and Kari’s on 39th

Toffee Date Cake From Babas Pantry

Toffee date cake from Baba’s Pantry. // Photo by Lauren Textor

Baba’s Pantry 

Ramadan Mubarak! If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate and break your fast as this lunar month comes to a close, consider Baba’s Pantry. This family-owned Palestinian American business has reasonable prices and mouth-watering flavors. 

The counter is filled with a rotating selection of freshly baked goods. The cupcake liner sticks to the sides of the toffee date cake, which is how you know it’s good before even taking a bite. The caramel-like flavor of the dates is complemented by the toffee icing. The lemonade of the day comes in variations like avocado and cucumber mint, in addition to the classics. 

Babas Falafel Served In Pita Bread With Tzatziki

Baba’s Falafel, served in pita bread with tzatziki. // Photo by Lauren Textor

The restaurant’s small, colorful layout makes it feel more like you’re sitting in your mom’s kitchen than in public. There are only three tables, so you may have to take your order to-go— but have a look around first. 

The walls are covered in family photos and artwork in bright red picture frames. Morsal Ibrahimi created the latest art installations in the restaurant, including the window art, which are stunning and well-suited for spring as well as Ramadan. 

Ready to order? How about the Baba’s Falafel? It’s filling and vegan, which is a combination that can be difficult to find in the land of BBQ. The falafel is stuffed with sumac onions, topped with pickles and Salata Arabi (tomatoes, cucumber, onions, etc.), and loaded into a food vehicle of your choice. Savory, well-seasoned falafel with crunchy veggies is love at first bite. 

Baba’s Pantry is located at 1019 E 63rd St., Kansas City, MO 64110.

Baklava And Turkish Mint Tea From Karis On 39th

Baklava and Turkish mint tea from Kari’s on 39th. // Photo by Lauren Textor

Kari’s on 39th 

Whether you’re dining in or ordering to go, the likelihood is high that you’ll be served by Kari herself. She and her husband Fuad met only blocks away from what eventually became their restaurant

There’s plenty of seating as well as a small grocery store with Mediterranean staples like falafel mix, tahini, and halva. 

Much like Baba’s, it’s a simple place run by a small, close-knit staff that makes it feel homey. There are little vases of flowers on the table and fresh-brewed, aromatic tea that will cleanse your palate. I took mine to go, and it revitalized the inside of my car like a tasty air freshener. 

If a cup of tea doesn’t do it for you, rest assured that Kari’s also serves fruity cocktails with or without alcohol. Try the honey sage hotty toddy if you’re experiencing the spring sniffles or the rose water lemon drop if you’re having a princess-style day out. 

Although baklava is a popular and common bakery treat, Kari’s is anything but basic. It has both of the essentials: buttery, flaky phyllo in distinct layers and a proportionate amount of sweet, sticky filling. 

Kari’s on 39th is located at 1715 W 39th St., Kansas City, MO 64111.

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