Dish & Drink KC: Chingu’s wings, Zero Zero Pasta, and Betty Rae’s Milk and Cookies

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Korean jumbo fried chicken wings. // Courtesy Chingu

Chingu’s jumbo fried wings

Chingu is a new hotspot Korean restaurant based in the heart of Westport, but their fried chicken wings may be the biggest chicken wings you can find in Kansas City. The meal includes drumettes, flats, and tips—and yes, they are even bigger than The Peanut’s. 

Despite their monstrous size, the shock value truly lies in the flavor. A light coat of garlicky chili-based gochujang sauce helps the wings maintain a crispy exterior, but the meat is still moist and tender.

A side of pickled radishes makes for the perfect accompaniment to the bold and pungent wings. Think of the radish as the equivalent of celery sticks served alongside buffalo wings, but with a Korean twist. Remember that this dish is shareable—one order comes with six wings.

Chingu is located at 4117 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111. 

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Santa’s Milk & Cookies. // Courtesy Betty Rae’s

Santa’s milk and cookies, but for you

While ice cream is typically labeled as a summer dessert, some flavors are too good to not enjoy, even if it is 30 degrees outside. Betty Rae’s has elevated Santa’s classic treat of milk and cookies into an even more indulgent concoction: sweet cream ice cream blended with large chocolate chips, molasses, and cookies. 

The sweet cream has a similar profile to vanilla ice cream but packs a richer punch. While the oatmeal cookie is unfairly discriminated against (mostly because people confuse them for chocolate chip cookies?), its addition adds to the crunchy texture and hearty nutty flavor. 

However, an honorable mention on the menu all year long is the ice cream sandwich. Betty Rae’s talent for making ordinary desserts extraordinary with homemade ice cream is visible in this classic. The “sandwiches” are massive, made with homemade cookies, and come in six other flavors that you’ll just have to try for yourself…

Betty Rae’s is located at 412 Delaware St., Kansas City, MO 64105, and 7140 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, MO 64114.

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Fresh pasta. // Courtesy Zero Zero Handmade Pasta

Explore the pasta-bilities with Zero Zero

Pasta can always be counted on to be satisfying. After all, who can deny a bed of starch drenched in a rich sauce? Nevertheless, Zero Zero Pasta, a quaint pasta shop posted up on the West Side, is awakening Kansas City to the beauty of fresh pasta. A special blend from Marion Milling enhances the flavor and texture of Zero Zero’s pasta. Once made, the pasta is refrigerated to maintain freshness. 

Throughout the week, a variety of pasta is available for you to step up your home cooking game, and they will even deliver it to your door through a subscription service. Hand-stuffed delights from crab cappelletti to spinach and ricotta ravioli grace the seasonal menu, along with extruded vegan pasta shapes such as bucatini and campanelle.

On Saturdays and Sundays, pasta topped with creamy sauces is available on the menu for patrons to enjoy in-house, but the squares of freshly baked focaccia bread are not to be slept on. With toppings such as honey and tomato mozzarella, the focaccia achieves the delicate balance of crunchy and fluffy.

Zero Zero Pasta is located at 1702 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64108.


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