In 1978, a bunch of art-school nerds from Akron, Ohio, rose from the goopy primordial stew of punk and made Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo. The band was called Devo, and it had an admirable goal: to freak out squares. Though best known for a song about whipping and those weird, upside-down-flower-pot hats, damn if they weren’t original. That hasn’t changed, judging by Devo’s new album, its first in 20 years, Something for Everybody. The band has been tapped by KRBZ 96.5 (the Buzz) to play the third installment of the Buzz Under the Stars concert series. Booking a band that defined alternative music at its genus earns the local station some street cred, even though the bill sandwiches Devo between extremely divergent acts. It’s a lineup seemingly based on the title of Devo’s latest, a grab bag featuring Ben Folds, Silversun Pickups, Against Me, and Crash Kings.

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