Dennis Skillicorn’s last meal

Dennis Skillicorn was put to death by the state of Missouri Wednesday. My colleague Nadia Pflaum has done exhaustive reporting on Skillicorn and his case — in The Pitch’s cover story last week and a follow-up blog post here among others.

The Kansas City Star reported that Skillicorn’s last meal was a double-cheeseburger, fries and strawberry cheesecake, but our sister blog Gut Check got some updated information. Skillicorn was alone in his cell “devouring” a double-bacon cheeseburger but with potato chips and no dessert.

The meal was delivered from Crossroads Restaurant & Lounge near the Bonne Terre prison. An employee from Crossroads spoke to Gut Check and said the restaurant had been “selected several times” by prison officials when ordering up last

suppers for doomed inmates and that it was “honored to be the place they chose.”

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