Daylight Flora’s plant life is a bright light in the heart of midtown

Women owned and operated, Daylight Flora is a must stop flower shop.
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Photo by Emma Hilboldt

Amy Loux and Amyann Plemmons have created a bright floral escape in the heart of Midtown. Daylight Flora is the combination of Amy and Amyman’s separate floral businesses that merged in 2020 when both felt stuck in their own work. 

Ever since their merge, Daylight Flora has only been expanding, moving into the vacant space next to their one-room studio/consultation space. With the extra room, Loux and Plemmons have opened a retail space where they can now offer grab-and-go bouquets and other goodies. 

One of the biggest values in their work is that they are both mothers and often bring their children to work. “Motherhood is such a big part of who we are so it just made sense to bring that into the business because it won’t work otherwise.” says Loux, “Kids are so little for such a short amount of time so I didn’t want to miss out on that, but I also wanted to build something outside of being a mom.” 

At Daylight Flora, they’re very passionate about the value behind flowers and what they mean to people. “I feel like in our culture, we’ve lost a lot of formality,” says Loux. “I think that flowers bring natural beauty from the earth and we need that beauty to live a life that feels purposeful.” 

You can visit Daylight Floral in person at 4 Westport Road, online on their website, and follow them on Instagram. If you want something to do this weekend, you can head out to their pop-up at Chicken-n-Pickle in the Northland this Saturday, May 13th. 

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