Dating and dumping a vegan

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I’ve made meatless meals for dates, but my attempts to impress a vegan pale in comparison to Laura Beck. A food blogger with The Bold Italic in San Francisco, Beck has written a funny guide to the process of wooing, bedding and leaving a vegan.

She deconstructs what taking a potential boyfriend or girlfriend to a given vegan restaurant says about you. Along the way, she offers advice, such as this gem on the end of a second date:

When you get to your date’s place, make out a little on the stoop and then cool your heels, slut. The whole not-buying-the-cow-when-you-can-get-the-milk-for-free metaphor works for vegans too.

Beck’s writing about San Francisco, where there’s a larger dating pool for vegans and a lot more meatless options. But in Kansas City, you can still make an impression if you’re hoping to be lucky in vegan love.

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