Daring publisher promises a return of print newspaper for KCK

Mark Vasto, publisher of the Parkville Luminary, says he’s rushing in to fill the void left when, on January 10, New York-based GateHouse Media stopped printing the Kansas City Kansan and became an online-only newspaper.

The Kansas City Kansan‘s last headline was ‘News will now be only online,” Vasto says in a press release. “The Luminary begs to differ.”

Over the last couple of weeks, Vasto says, he tried to license the print-only rights for The Kansan and reprint rights for its online content but “was ultimately rebuffed.” On Friday, he printed the first copies of the Kansas City Luminary. Vasto says it’ll be weekly, and that he’ll sell it for 75 cents a copy at 30 locations in Wyandotte County and send it out by direct mail until he can build a subscriber list.

Vasto knows it’s a horrible time for newsprint, but he’s undaunted.

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