Although punk rock is approaching its 30s, over the years it has left many illegitimate children to keep up the good fight. Los Angeles’ Damnation is a shining example of this proud progeny. Its music is full-blown, old-school punk rock with screaming guitar, thrashing rhythms, rally-cries, and lead vocals that evoke The Misfits, Black Flag, The Descendents, and Fear. The EP begins with the title track, a raging tune in the spirit of Black Flag’s “Drinking and Driving,” except without all the scolding. Lead vocalist Shaun Kama remorsefully blares sordid details of drunken revelry with the force and frequency of a semi-automatic nail gun. In “Racial Retards,” a ripping declaration against racism, fast distorted guitar, pounding drums, and rally-cries emphasize the band’s frustration with bigots. The ultra-speedy, “Civil Unrest,” with guitars that sound like Metallica circa 1983, includes the poignant call to action Stop killing each other and murder big brother! In tradition with the most hardcore of punk, all of the songs on Drunk & Stupid are less than two minutes long. Because each is so rapid and power-packed, this is plenty of time to punk listeners up.

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