Daily Briefs: What rough beast has two thumbs and slouches toward Bethlehem?

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Emo Boehner is very sad. The Fed is furiously printing new money, since sad congressional Republicans’ feelings got hurt by a MEAN STUPID LADY, causing them to reject the Wall Street bailout plan and go listen to Death Cab while cutting on themselves because AT LEAST THEN THEY CAN FEEL SOMETHING! Specifically, the Fed is coughing up around $480 billion in emergency lending programs and injections of cash into foreign money markets. I’m no economist, but I am extraordinarily sexy. And I know that Venezuela’s 1990s experiment in printing money resulted in runaway hyperinflation, and I am totally dreading paying upwards of $500 for a veggie burrito.

After the jump, stuff from the news, plus a long boring story about the dream I had last night. Click here, or on the Empress of Drama, John McCain:

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