Daily Briefs: Storms, Gasoline and PCBs.

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Unhappy ending: A title loan office was robbed! But — as I explained this weekend to a little kid whose albuterol inhaler I wouldn’t give back — this is a sad old unfair world, and the suspect was caught later, wandering the streets with a handgun and a little plastic trash bag full of money. The handgun industry reminds you to rob title loan offices responsibly. The title loan industry reminds you that if you outlaw high-interest subprime loans, only outlaws will make high-interest sub prime loans. Who’s right? The truth is somewhere in the middle, as measured by the distance between Midwest Voices bloggers Yael T. Abouhalkah and Ross Balano, a writer legitimized by his proximity to Yael T. Abouhalkah.

After the jump, five reasons not to drink anything Bill Cosby hands you — and five reasons you should! Click here, or for our Spanish-speaking readers, aquí.

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