Best of Kansas City 2021: Da’Bomb hurts us in all the best ways

The millionth bottle of Da'Bomb sits in a clear box in front of a poster for the show Hot Ones

The millionth bottle of Da’Bomb. // Photo by Zach Bauman

You may have seen Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce on the incredibly popular YouTube series Hot Ones. The intentionally punishing hot sauce is manufactured in Kansas City, Kansas by Spicin Foods.

While it’s only the third spiciest sauce in the Hot Ones lineup, it’s known for its overbearing heat. 

“Da’Bomb isn’t about nuance, and that’s kind of why it works,” says Chris Schonberger, creator of Hot Ones and general manager of the magazine First We Feast. “It’s just a stick-your-tongue-in-an-electrical-socket type of experience. In the novelty hot sauce category, it is king.” 

Da’Bomb’s novelty renown helped Spicin Foods get through the pandemic with its constant stream of sales. This year, Spicin Foods sold its millionth bottle of Da’Bomb—adding pointless, novelty suffering to the list of things Kansas City is known for.

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