Cuento Coffee roasts for mental health

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Quarantine Monster coffee // Courtesy of Cuento Coffee

Cuento Coffee, a local roasterie has released a special edition of their beans for mental health month. Crane Brewing company has also paired with Cuento Coffee to release a special brew for the occasion as well, though it is now sold out. This project is in collaboration with Hope for the Day, a suicide-prevention non-profit based outside of Chicago. This bag is called the Quarantine Monster, after many of the anxious thoughts and feelings the community is experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cuento Coffee‘s owner, Andy Gallant, believes that conversations about mental health are important, and what better way than to do it over a cup of joe or a fresh brew?

Originally, Hope for the Day was set to host events in partnership with Crane Brewing and Cuento Coffee to bring awareness and conversation to the craft beer and coffee community around Kansas City. The proceeds from this event, scheduled for late March, were going to support the non-profit. As the pandemic shut everyone into their homes, however, the companies needed to pivot and find a way to spread awareness in a way that wasn’t going to put people at physical risk.

That’s where the Quarantine Monster coffee bags came in.

The creative monsters on the coffee bag design came after conversations with Hope for the

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Original artwork // Courtesy of Cuento Coffee

Day’s Joel Freiders, who dreamed up the concept. “Andy had this idea to approach the topics of isolation and anxiety from a visually creative place, and he invented the Quarantine Monster as a representation of the feelings many of us are experiencing while being quarantined at home,” he says.

This batch of beans comes from a Nicaraguan farm by the name of Finca Los Papales Farm. These beans have complex, fruity notes and when paired with the original artwork on the packaging, really bring a special and unique addition to KC’s coffee scene.

A percentage of each bag sold is going back to the Hope for the Day organization to continue funding for mental health education and other resources including suicide prevention. This special brew is available on Cuento’s website and is shipping nationwide.

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