Crystal Balls

Before you shell out $12 to go to the Psychical Research Society’s Psychic Fair today, let’s check the group’s 2008 predictions and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. According to the organization’s Web site, Sen. Clinton was due to win the Democratic nomination, Mitt Romney would be elected president, the economy should be in the toilet, and the war in Iraq would continue. Well, if this were the major leagues, batting .500 would be pretty good, so maybe you should attend one of the lectures, get a psychic reading or have your chakras aligned. We’ll let you know the place and dates: today through Sunday at the MCC Exhibit Hall (1775 Universal Avenue). But we think you should test your abilities and try to guess the phone number and Web site yourself. Fact-check your psychic powers by reading this backward: 4749-088-618, gro.cksrp.www.

Fri., Oct. 24; Sat., Oct. 25; Sun., Oct. 26, 2008