Criminal Deals

MON 3/28

At Monday’s Kansas City Outlaws game against the Fort Wayne Komets (7 p.m. at Kemper Arena, 1800 Genessee), $15 or $18 buys a ticket, a soda, a hot dog, peanuts and a Jesse James bobblehead. Beat that, March Madness bastards. Call 816-268-1600 for tickets. — Jason Harper

Garden Party
Sow the seeds of love.

Recent Saturdays have been busy at shops like Planters and Soil Service. Some shoppers are clearly in it for the red, plastic clogs, and we have to admit that gardening footwear is top-notch, but most people are out buying seeds. The pleasures of gardening are many, but so are the obstacles between novices and their harvests. Bugs, for example. It’s all good to rail against the use of insecticide, but what do you do when those little jerks are eating your zucchini? Kansas City Community Gardens gets would-be green thumbs close to people who can help with these dilemmas. The community plots have already been claimed, but there’s still time to get help starting a vegetable garden at home or in an empty lot. KCCG membership comes with 10 packages of seeds, one 5-pound bag of fertilizer, plants and tiller loan privileges. Call 816-931-3877 or stop by the headquarters at 6917 Kensington. — Gina Kaufmann

Honey Bunny

SUN 3/27
The sixth annual Midtown Community Egg Hunt starts at 12:30 p.m. Sunday at the south end of Hyde Park, 38th Street and Gillham Road. But if you aren’t a child between the ages of 1 and 10 or said child’s parent, please don’t go. That would be creepy. Call 816-753-6719. — Annie Fischer