Creature Feature: Tatiana and Frank the Tank are almost too pretty

Img 3201

Frank the Tank cheesin’ hard. // Courtesy of Scott Poore and Chain of Hope

This week’s “Creature Feature” is thanks to the help of Scott Poore from Mission Driven.

Meet Frank the Tank, a star player at Chain of Hope. The Tank is a sweet pittie who is all smiles. He’s a bit of a ladies man but DOES NOT like cats. While he’s pretty laid back and loves to snuggle, he’ll expect his meals on time and can go full Karen if they’re not.

If you’re interested in testing out your manager skills and are ready to make Frank the Tank the happiest boi, please contact Chain of Hope today.

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Tatiana is a loaf waiting to happen. // Courtesy of Scott Poore and The Rescue Project

Tatiana is an OG kitty at The Rescue Project and has been waiting so long to find her forever home. She is a tender tortoise shell and is even prettier in person.

Unlike Frank the Tank, Tatiana gets along pretty well with dogs and wouldn’t mind living with one. Neck scratches are her favorite, and she’ll make sure to show the affection right back.

If you’d like to bring Tatiana home, please get in touch with The Rescue Project.

Bonus kitty: This is Baby Cakes. Have you ever seen a more purrfect face?


Baby Cakes. // Courtesy The Rescue Project


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