Creature Feature: Sweetie and her kittens are the sundae bar your home needs

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For our Creature Feature adoption column this week, we’re doing something a little different. We have a rescued cat and her kittens, as taken in by friend of the publication and local games designer Joel A. Clark. Here’s the info on Sweeties, her kids, and the deets on giving them a new home, via the current owner:

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We’ve got 3 kittens and 1 mother cat that need a home! We rescued the whole gang about 3 weeks ago and have been caring for them since. We’d like to adopt them out in pairs at minimum — so 2 kittens or 1 kitten + mama. If someone is excited enough to take all 4, or all 3 kittens, that would be great too!Img 0719

The mother cat is named Sweetie. The three kittens are Fudge (black & white), Waffle (creamcolored), and Sundae (mostly white with black spots).

All info on Sweetie can be found here via KC Pet Project.

  • We think Sweetie’s probably less than a year old, and the kittens are probably 6 – 8 weeks
  • Fudge and Waffle are male, Sundae is female
  • They’re all about 2.5 lbs at the moment but growing steadily
  • Will share my nerdy kitten weight tracking spreadsheet upon request



Quick Medical / Care facts:Img 0672

  • Vaccinations — They’ve all gotten their vaccinations
  • Blood Tests — Sweetie has had blood tests & all came back negative
  • Fleas — Sweetie has had flea treatment, the kittens have all had flea baths. The kittens can safely have flea treatment in a week or so, when they’ve cleared 2.8 lbs
  • Spay / Neuter — None of them have been spayed yet — Sweetie is still nursing, and the kittens aren’t big enough yet (I think they have to be over 4 lbs?). We will be setting up appointments for them when they’re ready. If they’re adopted before that, we’d require that the new owners set up those appointments.
  • Care — Can share details about food & care with any prospective adopters!


The story for anyone curious:Img 0816

A cat kept coming to our house to find food — she kept digging in our trash (we are feeding other strays that kept chasing her away, or else we’d have fed her non-trash). We eventually followed her & found that she was living in a neighbor’s bush & drain pipe with three kittens.

This knowledge burdened our hearts, and so we trapped them with our neighbor’s help the very next night. We can’t keep them long-term (we currently have 8 cats on our property.)

Anyone interested can email me.

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