Creature Feature: Rex and Fiona are bonded for life, Lilac is a mama at heart

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Rex and Fiona. // Courtesy Scott Poore and Wayside Waifs

This week’s “Creature Feature” is thanks to the help of Scott Poore from Mission Driven.

Meet Rex and Fiona. They are two Huskies who were part of a large scale puppy mill rescue in Iowa in Nov. 2021, which saved approximately 500 puppies and dogs. Wayside Waifs took responsibility for 143 of these dogs and brought them back to Kansas City for rehabilitation.

The staff and volunteers worked tirelessly with all of these dogs in hopes to find forever homes for all of them. Rehabilitation takes time, so fast forward eight months and 140 out of the 143 dogs have been adopted. The facility is close to the finish line, but the staff won’t be celebrating until all of the dogs get adopted.

Rex and Fiona are a very special bonded pair of Huskies that need the perfect home. They thrive as a pair, so they need to be adopted together. Human touch is still unfamiliar to them, so they need an adopter who respects them and their space. It is ideal for their adopter to also have Husky experience or be willing to learn as much as they can about the breed.

A 6-foot fence is a must, because they love to play, and they’re quite athletic. “Patience” is a keyword for these pups. If you believe you’re a good candidate, please contact Wayside Waifs for more info.

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Lilac is a mama in need of love. // Courtesy Scott Poore

This is Lilac. She is a beautiful cat seeking a cat-savvy companion. She enjoys long play sessions on the beach and doesn’t mind an extra dose of sass. She has a sweet side, for sure, but at her core she is a true explorer and loves to play.

She is one year old, so she has so many curiosities as she explores the big wide world and finds new things to play with. Don’t mind her while she climbs onto your shoulders or takes over your desk. She’s the boss.

Lilca was rescued as a pregnant stray by some nice people who luckily found her in time for her to have her babies in the comfort of a home. Her kittens were rehomed quickly, but that has not been the case for Lilac.

She is looking for a home where she won’t have to share any attention and can be the only pet. She does best with kiddos 8 and up.

If you are interested in meeting Lilac, please contact Great Plains SPCA today.

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