Creature Feature: Molly will do anything for a treat

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Molly is a sweet, sweet goober. // Courtesy Scott Poore and The Pet Connection

Looking for a super chill and sweet dog? Molly is your girl. She is a 6-year-old pit bull mix and is on her best behavior with humans and kids.

She is potty trained and crate trained but doesn’t need to be kenneled when left alone. Molly doesn’t need a lot of room to run, but she does like to stretch her legs. She appreciates leash walks and always minds her manners.

She is the biggest snuggle bug and loves to just hang out by your side—even in the office! While she gets along with her human friends, it’s important that she is the solo pet at home.

She is a huge fan of the pool and water in general, so maybe some lakeside or river walks are in the cards?

Molly is a very fast learner, will do anything for a treat, and will always be so excited to see her people. Talk about the perfect remedy to a long, stressful day.

She won’t judge you while you’re belting out the songs being played on Q-104 (she might even try to sing along).

If you are interested in meeting Molly, please contact Melody at The Pet Connection by calling (913) 671-PETS (7387) or emailing

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