Creature Feature: Mimosa and Margarita would like to go to brunch plz

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Mimosa is ready for a refill. // Courtesy Scott Poore and The Rescue Project

Good morning. Who wants a mimosa? The answer is everyone.

Mimosa is a sweet 5-year-old kitty who not only endured the birth of her own litter of kittens, but gladly took on some orphaned babies in dire need of her help. She would love to have her own person to sit next to and maybe even have brunch with.

Mimosa loves having her ears rubbed and is a purr machine. She doesn’t mind other dogs and cats. She just had some dental work done, so wet food speaks to her.

If you would like to meet Mimosa, please contact The Rescue Project.

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Margarita has her bags packed. // Courtesy Scott Poore and Great Plains SPCA

Meet Margarita. It has taken this sweet pitbull pup over 475 days to find her forever home, thanks to life and, well, human stuff. Her foster mom has to move somewhere, and Margarita can’t go with her. And you know what that means… back to the shelter. 

Margarita puts on a brave face, but no one likes the shelter. Her foster mom says she is a perfect angel at home with her. She just needs someone to give her a chance. 

If you would like more information or to schedule a meet and greet, please contact Great Plains SPCA today.

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