Creature Feature: Jewel and Cher are snuggly divas

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Courtesy Scott Poore

Meet Jewel. You might think I’m still a kitten because I’m so petite but would you believe that I was a young mom? Now that my kittens are grown and have flown the nest to their own adopted homes I’m looking for a life of excitement or leisure with my very own human or humans.

I’m super laid back. I even enjoy the company of other cats as well as gentle dogs and children.

You can get a tiny glimpse of what I might be like in a home environment by giving me ear scratches and face rubs.

If you’d like to apply to adopt me please click the link.

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Courtesy Scott Poore

When you meet the oldest dog to enter the animal shelter, you stop what you’re doing and you create a plan to help her find the perfect forever home. Cher and another dog were found abandoned in a park, but they were thankfully rescued by animal control and brought to Great Plains SPCA. When you are a 13-year-old Pitbull, people aren’t exactly lining up to adopt you, which breaks my heart. She has so much to offer, but she needs a very special home, that understands her needs.

Due to the abandonment, she needs somebody who is home most of the time and all she wants is a human best friend. I’m assuming she hasn’t received very much love in her life, but that’s all about to change. Please find it in your heart to share this post, so we can find the perfect forever home for this beautiful senior dog.

If you would like more information or to schedule a meet and greet, please contact Great Plains SPCA

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