Creature Feature: Blanche is young at heart

Blanche 2

Blanch is a good ol’ gal. // Courtesy Scott Poore

Today’s “Creature Feature” is thanks to the help of Scott Poore from Mission Driven.

Meet Blanche, a Jack Russel terrier mix. She is a good ol’ pup and is currently the oldest dog at the shelter. She may be 12 years old, but she is very young at heart. Blanche has spunk. She loves going for walks, running, and playing with her best human friend.

Blanche has had some dental issues and no longer has any teeth. But that doesn’t stop this little powerhouse.

She gets along with other dogs but is very independent and doesn’t want a life of non-stop play.

If you are interested in bringing Blanche to her forever home, please contact Great Plains SPCA.

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