Craft Brewers Guild bands together for ‘Missouri Loves Company’ benefit IPA

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As the co-host of a multi-year podcast called Missouri Loves Company, you can’t imagine my surprise that a brand new Missouri beer was named after our show. Really came outta left field. Especially since we haven’t released an episode in months? It’s just nice to know how beloved we are.

J/K, we’re here to talk about someone doing much better work with the name.

With the coronavirus pandemic thwarting festivals, conferences, and other events that typically provide operational funding for the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild (MCBG), the members of the Guild got creative and solved the problem the way they might solve any problem: by throwing beer at it. Or, in this case, inventing a new beer. 

Sales from this collaboration brew will benefit the MCBG and support their efforts to protect and promote craft beer in the Show-Me State. The name of the beer is “Missouri Loves Company”—after the shared vibe of all the brewers working together to make this new hail mary savior beer come together.

“Missouri Loves Company” is brewed with two-row, Vienna and pils malts, malted oats, and flaked wheat, and is hopped with Talus, Mandarina Bavaria, Chinook and Summit hops. This 7% ABV double dry-hopped Hazy IPA is billed as having both fruity and citrusy notes.

It is currently available at various locations across the state. You can find it in KC at the following locations:

  • Crane Brewing, Raytown  
  • East Forty Brewing, Blue Springs  
  • Kansas City Bier Co., Kansas City 

More details about the beer and the collaboration project can be found here.

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