Cowboy Junkies

The Cowboy Junkies were born somewhere in the hazy halcyon days of the early ’80s, when bands basking in post-Velvet Underground glow were swimming upstream against the Euro synth-pop that was flooding radio and MTV. The Canadian quartet has steadily maintained its just-left-of-cool popularity through a regular dose of releases — 15 in the past 19 years — and an unswerving loyalty to the sleepy-eyed and introspective songwriting that first put it on the map. The group’s latest effort, One Soul Now, represents its first album both conceived and recorded in a studio environment, albeit the band’s own homegrown setup. Though a departure from the band’s landmark albums Whites Off Earth Now and The Trinity Session, One Soul Now still carries the trademarks of guitarist Michael Timmons’ solid songwriting and the sensuous tones of his sister, Margo Timmons, along with the echoes of 20 years’ worth of wisdom.

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