Congratulations to Arby’s …

… for making breasts unsexy. As I was flipping through my — I mean my friend’s — new swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, one advertisement stood out amid all the cleavage and suggestive poses:


First of all, if I wanted to see breasts that look like soggy buns, I’d pick up National Geographic. And second, Arby’s doesn’t have the “hip” factor to pull this off. Instead of seeming cutting-edge, it comes across like an older uncle crashing a high-school party.

The ad is for a new product called the roastburger, which will be Arby’s first foray into burger territory. The chain has been rolling out some odd new products lately, including egg rolls.

Unfortunately, the tag line in the “I’m thinking Arby’s” ad was true. Problem was, I wanted to be thinking of something else.

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