Confessions of a cranky census worker: ‘You can hear Glenn Beck in the background’

Having trouble filling this out? Call our guy!

​Last week, I enjoyed a couple of drinks with the man we’ve chosen to call the Cranky Census Call-Center Worker, an out-of-town acquaintance who currently clocks some $15 an hour for letting concerned Americans call up and holler at him. The private-run center handles callers to the census help line from all over the country (“People who are either confused or pissed off”) and also makes some calls of its own to citizens who have somehow screwed up their forms.

Laughing so he wouldn’t cry, the Cranky Worker broke down the calls into distinct demographic groups. He says, “There’s a lot of pissed-off old white folks mad about the race questions. Then, the Teabaggers, who yell and out-smart you with stuff they saw on TV — but remember, not all old white folks are Teabaggers. Then there’s highly educated people who overthink everything. Then slightly anxious Hispanic folks worried about I.N.S. and, of course, angry black folks.”

He says the dumbest calls come from Mississippi.

Anyway, in the spirit of sweeping generalizations, let’s break the groups down!

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