Concert Review: Snoop Dogg’s Wonderland High School Tour

Was it a testament to Snoop Dogg‘s market value or to a hunger for ’90s nostalgia that there was an hourlong wait to get into the VooDoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino Friday night?

Of course, the wand-equipped security probably had a lot to do with the wait time, but the place was packed. And smoky. And rowdy as hell. By the time I finally got in, around 9:30 (after arriving at 8 and killing time on the casino floor while the line died down), I witnessed security guards gently escorting out a girl for being too wasted to carry on.

Snoop Dogg’s strangely named Wonderland High School Tour was a freakin’ ruckus. Midway through the second-on-the-bill, damn-near show-stealing set from Method Man & Redman, I ran into an acquaintance who announced, “I already have crazy stories from tonight!”

Actually, it kind of was like a high school party.

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