Concert Review: Rancid, Murphy’s Law, and the Architects at the Beaumont Club, 7/27/08


July 27, 2008

The Beaumont Club

Better Than: Broken homes and broken bones.


The Philips brothers and Rancid go way back. In 1997, Brandon, Zach and Adam comprised the Gadjits, a baby-faced ska-punk outfit that regularly covered Rancid singer Tim Armstrong’s former group Operation Ivy. The following year, The Gadjits became labelmates with Rancid on Epitaph, before releasing their next album on Rancid’s own label Hellcat. It’s been almost a decade since the two bands had any formal connection, but it’s a testament to the punk community’s “family forever” ethos that Rancid hand-selected The Architects (the Philips’ current project) to open its Kansas City show.

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