Concert Review: Pitbull at Memorial Hall (with video)

A cold, December night calls for curling up in front of a fireplace with some hot chocolate and a little Bing Crosby, right?

Wrong. The perfect antidote to winter chill, actually, is to go see Pitbull in concert.

Last night, the Cuban-American cueball — in a slim-cut suit that practically dripped sex — used relentless bass and cumbia beats to melt Memorial Hall‘s icy core.

The venue was packed with so many people wearing so little clothing, you’d have thought KCK was Miami Beach.

Sort of. Other times, Memorial Hall resembled Los Angeles circa 1993: There were guys wearing enormous Georgetown Hoyas shirts and Raiders gear, and at least one dude in long, black shorts over bleached-white knee socks and spotless K-Swiss. The trip back in time was complete when, between sets, DJ Eflex played Tupac’s “California Love” and Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice.”

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Phil Shafer
MC Magic wins over the ladies with his Vocoder

Local hip-hop act Kaceka kicked off the evening, ending their set by showering the sold-out floor crowd with fistfulls of dollar bills as rapper Dinero rocked the stage with ultra-choreographed back-up dancers.

Then it was MC Magic’s turn. I hadn’t heard of him, but I was clearly the odd one out, evidenced by the screams of female pleasure that erupted when he took the stage. Evidently, he is the Latino Roger Troutman.< He passed out half a dozen roses to girls in the crowd, wowed his fans with a stream of electronic slow jams, and made one woman's night when he pulled her onstage to sing with him. He won me over when he used the Vocoder to sing the chorus to “Computer Love.” When MC Magic asked, “Where’s all my Mexicans?” the floorspace became a phalanx of proudly waving hands.  

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