Concert Review: Langhorne Slim 8/14/08 at the Jackpot Music Hall

Langhorne Slim

Thursday, 8-14-08

The Jackpot Saloon

Better than: Winning a bronze metal and slamming it down in protest.

Download: MP3, “Rebel Side of Heaven” by Langhorne Slim


The troubadour folk singer isn’t an archetype that typically draws me in. Bob Dylan did it best, and the rest are just sort of doing it. That’s why I didn’t pay too much attention to Langhorne Slim during his first half-dozen visits to Lawrence; admittedly, I didn’t give him a fair shake. But when I happened upon a copy of his latest album, I was pleasantly surprised – dude has mad songwriting skills and a great voice to boot. Who wouldn’t love a line like We ain’t going to hell / We’re going to the rebel side of heaven?

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