Concert Review: Ladyhawke, Semi-Precious Weapons and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head


Sad I was indeed to find out that Norwegian riot-grrrl Ida Maria had jumped off hot pink star-studded line-up for Perez Hilton Presents at the Beaumont this past Wednesday night. (Since I gave her such a glowing review in July, I was looking forward to hearing her signature lady-roar again). However, with the infamous bitchy celebrity blogger backing the event, I still was totally psyched to see what kind of people this shindig might coax out of the woodwork—and, of course, to enjoy a night of some solid ’80s-style electro-pop.

As it turns out, Perez Hilton Presents offered a lot of one, and not too much of the other. The music: freaking great. The crowd: well…not so much.

We arrived as bouncy electro-poppers Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head were bopping about on stage, good-naturedly entertaining a crowd of about 60 people or so. (Well, there were 30 people dancing. The other 30 people at the show were perched in the wings of the Beaumont, sipping on Miller Lite and eyeing that one guy with the awesome neon pink mohawk).

Don’t get me wrong: fans were definitely rocking out to the tantalizingly taut grooves that the night’s line-up churned out, but compared to the glitzy, bubble-gum pink mess of people that comes to mind when envisioning a Perez Hilton event, this crowd seemed pretty tame.

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