Concert Review: JJ Grey and Mofro


If you’ve ever been to Lochloosa, you’d wonder why JJ Grey is always singing about it. It’s up in the Florida lake country, past nothing and halfway to Hawthorne. I think there might be a Hardee’s there.

But there’s something in Grey’s voice when he sings that song about his hometown. There’s something that feels like true life homesickness.

I first heard that in Grey’s voice back in 2002 at a Tampa juke joint called Skipper’s Smokehouse. It’s actually a place that feels a lot like where I saw Grey and his band Mofro tonight, at Crossroads Kansas City. Like Skipper’s, Crossroads is nothing more than some park benches, mulch, corrugated metal and a sound system. It actually feels like it could be in Lochloosa.

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