Concert Review: Har Mar Superstar

Let’s get one thing straight. This is sexy:

I’m not kidding.

Har Mar Superstar is a pudgy, balding 31—year-old, yes. But it’s all in the mind. Which is why, when the Minnesota-born R&B rocker purrs sex-laced lyrics while shedding layers of clothing like a sweaty, sequined snake, he believes that every girl in the audience wants to rip off his Paul Frank tighty-whities.

And he’s right. I’d take Har Mar over Justin Timberlake any day — and I know I’m not the only one.

Alicia Solo has my back. The Beautiful Bodies singer professed her love for the hirsuite headliner multiple times between songs during her performance at the Brick last night. (And while we’re making comparisons, Solo’s spritely chirp reminds me of Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons.)  She also introduced a new song, “Lalaliar,” which she swore she and the band had only practiced once, but sounded purposefully unpolished. The addition of a megaphone was a nice touch.

I never saw the Beautiful Bodies perform before the band relocated to New York, so I don’t know whether she’s any different for it, but Solo capitalizes on her on-stage charisma like a pro, soaking up the spotlight with a mix of kittenish charm and teeth-gnashing aggression. I was entranced by her black-and-blond mop that magically fell back into place no matter how violently she whipped her head around.

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