Concert Review: Gomez at the Beaumont Club

The instruments of rock at the Beaumont Club last night consisted of more than the usual drums, guitar and bass. For its headlining set, bluesy British rockers Gomez incorporated various kinds of shakers; a keyboard + blowing tube contraption (that broke by the end of the song) that I guess was a vocorder; a kazoo; and an iPhone. The stage was also dotted with multiple Apple laptops and keyboards, and the guitarists swapped out their instruments with just about every song.

The voices changed, too. Gomez has three singers who frequently harmonize with each other and trade lead vocal duties. The most memorable voice comes from the woody pipes of Ben Ottewell, who I kind of kept hoping would break into an old Irish folk song. His thick, slightly gruff tone would be perfect for that. But while Gomez’s rock often gets downright rootsy, those roots reach out of the blues.

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