Concert Review: Afentra’s VD Party


Sex. Alcohol. Rock-n-roll. Some things rarely change when it comes to a good concert.

Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz Valentine’s Day Party (conveniently abbreviated to Afentra’s VD Party) included all the aforementioned—and a little extra. Concertgoers played a variety of games at this free concert at the Midland on Saturday including “cock ring toss,” where participants threw a hula-hoop over a large blow up penis, and “condom race,” which involved 96.5 The Buzz’s own custom-packaged condoms frantically being put on dildos. During the classic game of Spin-the-Bottle (a vodka bottle, to be exact) singles took the chance to snag a kiss.

It was hard to tell if concertgoers were there to try to find their perfect valentine, or simply because they loved the bands.

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