Comment of the Week

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In this week’s chapter of Exploring the Right Wing Blogosphere, the Village Voice‘s Roy Edroso surveyed conservative thinking on the NFL’s shunning of team-hungry Rush Limbaugh.

Plog reader Realist weighed in this way, starting with a quote (in italics) from Edroso’s entry:

Doug Powers was incensed that the NFL had approved Black Eyed

Peas singer Fergie for NFL ownership, as she had sung sexually explicit


Unlike right-wing hero Ted Nugent, performer of “Wang Dang Sweet

Poontang” along with “Wango Tango” and other non-explicit anthems.

You’d think their feet would be getting tired of being shot all the time, wouldn’t you?

Wango dango if that isn’t our Comment of the Week. Realist, if Ted Nugent ever opens a dude spa, your first pedicure is on us.

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