Cletus Got Shot

Good Charlotte plays too many chords/And Toby Keith couldn’t cry in his beer, complains self-described ex-punk and honky-tonk picker Adam Cox of Cletus Got Shot. Though they wore that cowboy hat, they’re more punk-rock than me, he continues, heralding Willie, Hank and Cash on a song titled “Punk Rock.” Like many of its similar-aged peers, Cletus Got Shot has bypassed rock for country, favoring a string-band approach to explore a kitchen sink of influences. The band is reminiscent of the Avett Brothers, but it’s not just the sweet harmonies, unusual subject matter or boisterous twang that wins the day for Cletus. It’s also the high-spirited swagger that cops punk’s anything-goes attitude. The Fayetteville, Arkansas, quartet is supporting its self-titled debut, which bubbles with energy and smarts, ranging from the late-night backwoods swing of “Desperation Blues” to the rocket-fueled bluegrass of “Love ’em and Leave ’em.”

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