Clara Cannucciari: 93 and cooking

I’m a little late on this one. I found Clara on Just Me and since it’s right down Fat City’s aisle I couldn’t pass on the 93-year-old’s sage advice and Great Depression recipes.

Clara Cannucciari was a sprightly 91 years old when she started making videos with her great-grandson, Christopher Cannucciari, who posted them on YouTube. Each video follows the same format: Clara makes a depression-era dish like pasta and peas or egg-drop soup, and talks about what it was like living through the Great Depression.

“What are we going to eat tonight? Pasta with garlic. What are we going

to eat tonight? Pasta with peas. What are we gonna eat? Pasta with

beans. That’s all we ate was pasta and a small vegetable,” she says in

one video while expertly frying up a pan of onions.

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